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How to choose low-pressure wheel rim and spinning wheel rim


In fact, the difference between these two names lies in the casting process. From a purely literal point of view, one uses a low-pressure casting process and the other uses a spinning casting process. Does the quality indicate the difference between the two?
Low-pressure wheel rim

The low-pressure wheel hub is named after the casting process. This process is suitable for mass production. Because of the high success rate of the finished product, most automobile manufacturers specify this process.

Low-pressure casting is to press the liquid alloy into the mold with a smaller pressure, so that the distribution of molecules is even, there are fewer sand holes, and the shape can be more complicated and delicate. To ensure the density of the liquid metal, but also to ensure the strength of the metal after solidification.
The low-pressure casting process is all completed by machinery, and the yield rate of casting molding is high, which is very suitable for mass production. At present, the cast aluminum alloy wheels designated by automobile manufacturers are all produced by this process.

Spinning wheel rim

Spinning casting is a key technology in the manufacturing process of the wheel hub, and before explaining the spinning casting process, let's talk about the manufacturing process of the wheel hub. Nowadays, aluminum alloy wheels have gradually become standard products for automobiles, and only some low-end and low-end models are still using steel wheels. In the production process of aluminum alloy wheels, the metal material is first heated to a liquid state, and then extremely high-temperature liquid metal is poured into different casting molds, through "low pressure casting", "gravity casting" and then through polishing, polishing and other finishing processes. Make the final product.

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