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Can the aluminum wheels continue to be turned on when they are hot?


The aluminum wheel cannot be turned on if it is hot. Under normal circumstances, the aluminum wheel will not be hot. The wheel will generate heat during driving. It is normal for the aluminum wheel to heat up, but it needs to be checked if it is too hot.

The aluminum alloy wheel hub is the rotating part of the wheel core connected by the inner wheel steel of the tire through the column.

The reason for the heating of the rim: frequent brake pedal: during the driving process, frequently stepping on the brake will cause the brake pads to become hot, and the body temperature of the rim will rise;

Damage to the aluminum wheel bearing: The aluminum wheel bearing is installed too tightly or abnormally damaged, which will cause the rim of the vehicle to heat up, and the rolling bearing will continue to be damaged if it is more serious;

Low rolling bearing oil: If the temperature is too high, the fat inside the rolling bearing will melt and discharge, which will harm the actual effect of the braking system and cause the rim to heat up;

Abnormal return of the brake pump: causing the car's brake pads and wheels to lock up, causing the brake pads and brake pads to remain in friction, resulting in brake system drag. If that happens, the temperature of the brake system drum and rim will also As it rises.

The rim is a cylindrical shape of the tire at the inner support point of the tire, and the core is a metal material component mounted on the shaft. Also called aluminum wheels, rigid rims, wheels, tire bells.

There are various types of rims based on diameter, total width, forming method, and raw materials. The rim is also called aluminum wheel. According to the characteristics and requirements of different car series, the surface layer process of the rim will also adopt different methods, which can be roughly divided into two types: painting and electroplating.

Generally, the appearance of the wheels of the general car series is less considered, and good heat dissipation is a basic requirement. The processing technology is basically solved by spraying, that is, spraying first and then electric oven, the cost is more affordable and the color is bright , The maintenance time is long, even if the motor vehicle is scrapped, the color of the rim will still not change.

The hot wheel hub is generally caused by the heat generated by the brake system during work. It is possible to check whether the clutch is stuck and not returning properly. If the tire can rotate well, it should belong to all normal conditions.

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